We aim to provide You and your Dog with a relaxed and friendly grooming experience. We want to encourage your dog to feel at home when they come to us, feel calm and feel safe. We cater to all breeds and sizes at an affordable price.

Grooming Packages

Please note that all prices given prior to grooming are only an estimate. Prices will change depending on the condition of your dog’s coats and the size of your dog. We aim to be fair and affordable.
Full Groom
Every full groom includes a Complimentary nail trim and ear clean. Includes a Bath using products to suit your dog’s coat and skin. A Blow-dry and Styling Groom to your preference.
Bath & Blow-dry
We will wash and bath your dog using products to suit your dog’s coat and skin. A Blow-dry and a Tidy Up. Our Bath & Blow-dry includes a Complimentary nail trim and ear clean.
Puppy Package
Please note that the Puppy Package is introduction to the Grooming Experience. We recommend this be done as soon as your dog is fully vaccinated. We do not offer this to dogs over 5 months of age. Everything is taken that bit slower, we understand that this will be scary experience for some new pups, and we can assure you they will be given lots of cuddles and kisses.

Additional Services

Dry Face Trim

Eyes cleared from hair and cleaned. Face will be free from knots and matts. Prices start from £10.
Nail Clipping
Keeping your dog's nails trimmed is important. Long nails can cause infections and broken, or ingrown nails can lead to other painful conditions. If dogs don’t walk correctly when the nails are too long this strains the leg scles and torques the spine. Please remember we include complimentary nail clipping with every groom.
Teeth Cleaning
We can clean your dog teeth for an additional £5 on top of any groom. A professional dental cleaning is required to remove plaque and tartar from your pet's teeth and to assess the health of your pets’ mouth.
Award Winning Madra Mor Spa Treatments
Every Dog loved mud, so why not use it to our advantage? Marda Mor Mud is set to Nourish, strengthen and encourage healthy cell regeneration. All made with natural ingredients. All Mud baths are massaged into your dog’s skin and coat for 20 minutes, a real treat.

We have a Shed Safely Mud, this works great for dogs who cast a lot. The natural ingredients are massaged into your dog’s coat and open your dog’s pores, any hair that is at the end of its growth cycle or trapped in the pore will fall out.

We have a Mobility Mud, which works amazing for our Old Furbaby’s who have sore bones and muscles, will give them a spring in their step.

We have a Soothing Mud, this works great on dogs who have sensitive skin. the natural healing ingredients are massaged into your dog’s coat and promote skin healing.
Blueberry Facial
Add a Blueberry Facial on to your Dog's Groom, this cleanser soothes and balances the skin. It has a natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating.
Spa Fresh Bubble Bath Paw Treatment
The brilliant combination of vanilla and milk thistle lulls your pet to a calm revitalizing paw treatment. Spa Bubble Bath soothes your dog’s paws and leaves your pet feeling refreshed.
Oatmeal Pad Butter

Promotes healing of cracked and sore paws.
Espree Luxury Mudbath Conditioner

Mudbath Conditioning Treatment conditions, re-hydrates and rebuilds the coat while pampering your pet.
Flea Treatment Shampoo

Mild and non-irritant flea treatment shampoo helps to cleanse fleas from the coat. Suitable for all breeds.